Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer T-Shirt Revamp

I read a fashion article about lace, and 24 hours later the following ensued....

I took an old t-shirt in blue...

My t-shirt before revampage (with my -second- 21st birthday poster)
bought some lacy trimming from the nice lady at Watford Market...
Watford lace
did some cutting and stitching and ended up with this....
my new favourite t-shirt
I must say, it was a rather pleasant affair, what with the sunshine, our newly tidy(ish) back garden and the odd G&T, so I might repeat the process in the coming weeks!

Perhaps one day when I've combed my hair I'll show you what it looks like on!

God bless,



I took a picture with the t-shirt on this morning (in fact I took about 8 pictures before I got a decent one, but that's life!)

I'm really pleased with it

God bless,

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