Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer T-Shirt Revamp

I read a fashion article about lace, and 24 hours later the following ensued....

I took an old t-shirt in blue...

My t-shirt before revampage (with my -second- 21st birthday poster)
bought some lacy trimming from the nice lady at Watford Market...
Watford lace
did some cutting and stitching and ended up with this....
my new favourite t-shirt
I must say, it was a rather pleasant affair, what with the sunshine, our newly tidy(ish) back garden and the odd G&T, so I might repeat the process in the coming weeks!

Perhaps one day when I've combed my hair I'll show you what it looks like on!

God bless,



I took a picture with the t-shirt on this morning (in fact I took about 8 pictures before I got a decent one, but that's life!)

I'm really pleased with it

God bless,

Monday, 16 July 2012


I made some butterflies! I wanted to make butterflies that I actually see, so below you can see my red admiral and my cabbage white (along with a little sample of stem stitch around the outside.)

I really enjoyed making the cabbage white, because looking at the images up close, I could see so much detail in something that I thought was so simple.

I'm looking forward to sending this one off to its recipient, I think she might know who she is!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Inspiration {2}

In this post, I want to show you where some of the inspiration has come from for the flower designs on my skirt project.

I bought a pack of Christmas cards from Oxfam a couple of years ago, and they are so pretty I have hardly been able to make myself send them out! I decided to keep one on my wall as inspiration, because the embroidered nativity scene is so beautiful.

Embroidered nativity scene from an Oxfam Christmas card. I love the flower detailing and the  simple picture designs.
I think this shows how very simple designs, when crafted with care and accuracy can look both delicate and elegant. So I have been taking inspiration from some of the flower designs and reworking them on my skirt. You can see below that the blue flower is worked with reference to the large yellow one on the card.

And I think that the blue flower might be my favourite on the whole project... for now at least!