Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tiny roses!

This is another TAST challenge from and quite a challenging one too! This week was drizzle stitch which took me a while to master, but here is my (second) attempt at a little sample of this stitch.

I was impressed with the way that the stitches fell when they were complete, and made nice little spirals, which, I found, with a little anchoring stitch to hold it in place I could make little spirally blobs that look like tiny roses!

Tiny roses on (my current favourite) blue and white cotton.

I learnt the bullion knot as well, so that I could make tiny leaves to go with my roses. I put together different shades of pink, with light green for the leaves, on a background of blue and white stripes.

I think it's quite cute, and could be a motif for some kind of weddingy something!

God bless,



Here's a better photo:

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